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The Guste Homes Resident Management Corporation is comprised of five residents that live in the Guste Homes community. The members of the board are appointed to the board in accordance with the by-laws and articles of the corporation. Members of the board must meet the mandated criteria and can only serve on the Resident Management Board (RMC) only if he/she has served as a Resident Council member. Members are recommended to serve on the RMC Board of Directors after an invitation for a recommendation for a Board Member when a vacancy occurs. The recommendation must come from the Resident Council. Elections of officers are held every three years.

The Guste Homes Resident Management Corporation takes full pride in saying that it is a professional management corporation with certified resident property managers and nationally recognized members. Guste Homes Resident Management Corporation is the only “resident driven” RMC in the country that manages a Tax Credit Property and currently the only Resident Management Corporation that manages two public housing low income tax credit properties in the country.

Guste Homes Board of Directors


Cynthia Wiggins, President/CEO

Cynthia Wiggins, the President and CEO of Guste Homes is responsible for the day to day operation of the corporation. She services as the contract administrator, work with local and national government on behalf of the organization and the community. Under her leadership the GHRMC has seven certified property managers, employed thirteen residents of Guste Homes, and negotiated the redevelopment of Guste Homes at a cost of $83 million dollars.

Wiggins serves as the President, of the National Association of Resident Management Corporations (NARMC) and serves on several civic boards.


Lula Iford, Secretary/Treasure

Lula Iford was just recently appointed to the Board of Directors. Ms. Iford work closely with the Client Service Department and our senior population to ensure senior residents receive necessary services. Ms. Iford is an ordain Minister and work closely with local ministries to bring positive change to the young adults in the Guste Homes community. After the completion of the new community center Ms. Iford will be instrumental in the coordination of the "Woman to Woman" cooking classes for the young female mother in the Guste community.


Brian Pollard
Chief of Staff


Mary Wilson
Director of Property Management

ricky Ricky Vaughn
Chief Financial Officer