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The Guste Homes Housing Complex at the completion of its redevelopment will provide affordable housing with various subsidy calculations. The property will comprise of Tax Credit, Project Base, Section Eight, Market Rate and ACC units. The complex unit mix will comprise of one, two, three and four bedroom units, with a host of amenities.

Once built, the Guste Homes Housing Complex will provide homes for two hundred thirty eight families and three hundred eighty five seniors.

Senior Services

We currently provide the following services for our senior residents:

  • Health and Wellness services every Tuesday
  • Bible Study every Wednesday
  • Monthly TCA and Second Harvest distributions
  • Monthly visit from Farmers Market selling Fresh Food
  • Yearly Christmas Party
  • Mother and Father Day Appreciation
  • Night Out Against Crime
  • Super Bowl Party
  • Health Fairs
  • Mini Store
  • Doctor’s Office
  • 24-hour NOPD on-site services with an on-site NOPD Liaison Officer
  • Coming Soon a Hair Salon

youth/young adults Services

We currently provide the following services for our youth and young adult residents:

  • After School Tutoring
  • Yearly Youth Summer Employment
  • Stop the Violence Rallies
  • Youth Back to School
  • Community Day Celebration
  • Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Granny House
  • Latch Key Child Care

The Guste Homes Management through the third phase of its redevelopment will be building a community space featuring a computer center that offers computerized GED for young adults, cultural arts, and cooking classes for young mothers.